2 years ago on November 26, 2011

((OOC: A -sort of- Goodbye 

To keep things simple: King is going independent.


HOWEVER this does not mean what you think it may mean. 

I am in no shape or form:


  1. Deleting this blog

I shall be keeping this blog up. I enjoy it far too much and have a wonderful, loving group of followers and wouldn’t want to lose any of them. Added on to this the amazing and brilliant things saved on this page, I wouldn’t dare dream of getting rid of it. So it shall remain up and active. So onto the second point:

2. Getting rid of King Leo

I’ve grown to love Leo a lot through my RP with him. His character is dear to my heart, and as my first RP I am a bit biased concerning him xD So I shall still RP him! However I do not believe I shall be RPing with a new Tangled group (or not soon, in any case) and thus to continue his character I may make this an “Ask Kingy” page (AsKingy? That sounds like a snazzy title…). In any case, he shall still be up and talking. So everyone and anyone can continue to converse with him/me whenever they wish :)

3.  Avoid Contact with you all

I am not opposed to speaking with all of you after I leave DFD. Actually, strike that. I still want to. Of course it is still up to you if you are comfortable with it, but I would be delighted if we were to keep communicating :D So don’t be shy to pop in and ask.

~*Extra Bonus*~

I have a personal. Which means I shall continue to bother quite a lot of DFDers through it (*insert Trololo gif here*). And for those of you who know my personal and follow me, well I guess you can skip this entire explanation :’D

Also no, I won’t be posting my personal URL here :/ It’s personal information. *BADUM TSS* 

4. Leaving DFD entirely.


O: What’s this? King=Athena? What a surprise~

Most of you already know this, but meh. THIS JUST MEANS I’M STILL HERE. And thus we can still RP and talk and whatnot. Just… as Athena xD

Which means I shall not be leaving a Goodbye message for each and everyone of you, as I am not leaving, per se. However, I shall leave a little message for my Tangled Family.

So for those of you already bored of this, King bids you all a farewell. And hopes to speak with you all soon.

- - - 

Eugene: Thank you so much for everything. You were the reason why I was able to join such a loving community of people, and I was honored to be a part of your family, both IC and OOC. Don’t forget to piss of Athena often, and don’t forget to bother the living hell out of your new King xDD

Rapunzel: I’m sorry that we couldn’t RP in depth before, but it was wonderful getting to know you. I have already heard brilliant stories about your RPing, and so many compliments about “Your new daughter” have been brought to my attention. So thank you for joining us, and I hope you continue to have fun!

Max: Keep them all in line for me, alright? And eat ALL THE APPLES

Captain: Assist Max with this, and godspeed xD It was fun RPing with you, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Also cartwheels.

Pascal: I still need my button back. The one with the blue sun? Apparently the tailor doesn’t have any more so I’ll need to take that back. Also I wish you luck in finding a new obsession, and in the meanwhile enjoy your Jello and string xD

And to the new King and Queen:

Have fun and keep and eye on them :D I wish you all the best of luck!



P.S: Hatter, I still want that hat.

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